Financial and Economic Consulting

AlShall has built its track record and accumulated experience through continuous involvements in the business sectors in Kuwait and MENA region during different economic cycles. This has directly strengthened the business consulting services, the core activity of AlShall Economic Consultants, in which it excelled and built its reputation as one of the leading advisory firms in Kuwait.


Corporate Finance

Over the years, AlShall has accumulated the required knowledge and experience to help its clients achieve their corporate objectives. Through its specialized corporate finance team, AlShall provides its clients with solutions to current and expected future needs while trying to minimize the risks of potential legal or inter-shareholder misunderstandings. The corporate finance services of AlShall are tailor-made to client’s requirements and are executed on a special assignment basis.


Strategic Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the key to achieving ones investment goals, whereby studies have shown that asset allocation is the single most important factor in determining investment returns. AlShall offers qualified professional advice dependent on individual risk aversion and return expectations, thus providing comprehensive asset allocation solutions across and within global asset classes customized to the goals and specific objectives of each investor.