Privatization processes are one of the most critical and political processes within any economy historically dependent on the public sector. Transformation of large enterprises from public to the private needs cumulative knowledge of the vast previous human experience combined with intuitive comprehension of the local political, economical, and priorities within the concerned country.

AlShall possesses this understanding and imparts it through professional teams. This work is initiated from a conceptual and project framework, to a fully developed privatization scheme containing industry structure, regulatory framework, identification of asset transfer mechanisms, including preparation of private and public placement documents, as well as supervisions of transaction implementation.

AlShall has acted as a prime advisor in a large number of projects within industries such as oil, recreational, retail, ports operations, and others. Moreover, it has acted as a financial advisor in numerous BOT projects which, to date, formed the core of the privatization effort within Kuwait. ِAlShall was the advisory arm for many investors in their BOT submission to the municipal authorities, noting that these investor teams won their bids by a considerable success ratio (70%). It is expected that such activities will flourish in the region with attempts of economic reforms.