Comparative Performance of Selected Stock Markets – July 2019

The performance during July was positive for most selected markets with 8 markets achieving gains while the losing markets were six. The resultant of performance during the seven months of the current year was 13 markets gaining compared to their price levels in the beginning of the year and only one market losing.

The biggest gainer in July was the Dubai market which gained 9.8% in one month compared with 1.5% gain in June with a net gain of about 15.4%, ranking sixth in terms of gains compared to its level since the beginning of the year. The second-biggest gainer during July was Abu Dhabi market with 6.8% gain, ranking tenth among the winning markets since the beginning of the year   with   about   8.2%   gains.   The  third-biggest gainer was Bahrain market with 5.2% gain thus becoming the fourth biggest gainer since the beginning of the year with 15.7% gains.

The Indian market was the biggest loser during July with about -4.9% losses and thus fell from the ninth position with 9.2% gains to the twelfth position with 3.9% gains since the beginning of the year. The Muscat Securities Market “MSM” achieved the second biggest loss in July with -3.2% losses in its index and confirmed its position at the bottom of the losers this year with -13% losses until the end of July. The German market shifted to the fifth position from the second position in its performance since the beginning of the year as it achieved -1.7% losses in one month and thus became the third biggest loser in July. The least loser was the French market with its index losing -0.4% during July.

July performance slightly changed the performance ranking of the markets since the beginning of the year until the end of the month. Boursa Kuwait took the lead among gainers according to its general index leading the countries of all the sample markets 20.4% gains since the beginning of the year. Although China was affected by the trade war with the United States it is still the second biggest gainer among markets gaining 17.6% in 7 months. The least gainer since the beginning of the year was Qatar market with 2% gains.

Despite the fluctuation of the markets’ performance during the past months, the overall outcome remained positive despite the trade war, the geopolitical tensions and the ambiguity of the oil market performance.