Comparative Performance of Selected Financial Markets – May 2020

The positive performance of most markets continued during May compared with April as 9 markets achieved gains and 5 other markets achieved negative performance. The biggest gains in May went to global markets and the slight gains went to GCC markets. All selected markets remained losers since the beginning of the year.

The Japanese market was the biggest winner in May whose index gained about 8.3% but remained losing -7.5% compared to the end of the last year, the second-largest loser. The German market came second by gains of 6.7% in one month but with losses since the beginning of the year by about -12.5%. The American market came third in rising by about 4.3%, then the Saudi, Qatari market and Boursa Kuwait by 1.4%, 0.9%, and 0.4%, respectively. The Muscat market was the least in gains in May by 0.1%.

Dubai market was the biggest loser in May by -4% as well as since the beginning of the year by -29.6%. The Indian market came next in decline by -3.8% and by about -21.4% losses since the beginning of the year. The Chinese market recorded the least losses in May by -0.3% and it remained the least loser since the beginning of the year by -6.5%.

The return of gradual reopening through mitigation of precautionary measures will dominate global economies’ performance and trading activity in the coming weeks. On the other hand, developments in the Coronavirus cases will negatively affect the markets.