Comparative Performance of Selected Financial Markets – April 2020

April’s performance was positive for the majority of markets following the negative performance of the month of March that was highly affected by the Corona pandemic, as 13 markets achieved profits and a single market losses compared to March 2020, while all selected markets remained in the negative zone since the beginning of the year.

The biggest gainer in April was the Indian market whose index gained 14.4%, and achieved losses at -18.3% compared to the end of last year. Followed by Dubai market with similar gains of 14.4% in one month and losses at their highest since the beginning of the year by -26.7 %. Followed by the Abu Dhabi market with13.3% gains, then the American, Saudi and German markets by 11.1%, 9.3% and 9.3% respectively. The Muscat market was the least gainer in April with 2.6%, followed by the Boursa Kuwait with gains of 3.2% for its All-Share Market Index, totaling its losses since the beginning of the year by -20.8%. The only loser in April was the Bahraini market at -3%, bringing its total losses since the beginning of the year to -18.6%.

Concerns now are that some expect a second wave of the Corona pandemic if some countries rush to mitigate their precautionary measures, meaning that the gradual reopening will dominate the performance of global economies and trading activity in the coming weeks, along with developments in the cases of the Corona virus.