Management Team

Jasem Al-Sadoun, MS

Chairman AlShall Consulting Company

Jasem Al-Sadoun is the founder of AlShall Economic Consultancy Bureau, creator of AlShall index, the oldest value index of Kuwait, and the chief author of the AlShall Weekly Economic Report. Jasem Al-Sadoun has well documented knowledge of the macroeconomic variables affecting the region, and plays a vital role as an economic, financial and strategic advisor. Through his long experience and insight to various market sectors, Mr. Al-Sadoun provides initial guidelines, conceptual frameworks as well as a diagnostics approach. His role is fundamental during negotiations in banking and project finance, financial reengineering, equity placement and involvement in privatization efforts advising both government and private sectors.

Gerard Snabian, MBA

Vice Chairman of Alshall Consulting Company
Board of Directors of AlShall Investment Company
Member of the advisory committee of Shmael US Real Estate Fund

Gerard Snabian heads the advisory services and corporate finance department, which is one of the core activities at AlShall. As such, he leads the various project teams providing value-added financial services to AlShall's clients from both private and public sectors. His expertise includes developing full-fledged feasibility studies of projects in different economic sectors, valuation and financing of such projects, appraisal of investment opportunities and strategic advisory services to clients operating in different industries. His industry expertise encompasses but is not exclusive to real estate, financial services, industrial, oil and gas, retail, contracting, healthcare, and tourism.
During his 20+ years of experience, Mr. Snabian has a proven track record in converting and developing ideas and concepts into investment opportunities, bringing together talent and capital, negotiating and closing multimillion dollar transactions, arranging IPOs and listing of shares on KSE, and raising capital through private placements.

Ghadeer Al Omran

Vice President - Operations

Mrs. Ghadeer Al Omran has been in AlShall group since 2013....

Mousa Abou-Taleb

Chairman & Managing Director of AlShall Investment Company Ltd (Sudan)
Consultant at AlShall Consulting Company (Kuwait)

Mr. Abou-Taleb heads the AlShall team involved in all foreign assignments related to Morocco and Sudan. He plays a key role in providing economic, financial and strategic consultations to AlShall clients from the GCC region based on his long term experience in management and investment in different sectors such as agriculture, industry, hotels, tourism and real estate.
Throughout his thirty years expertise in the arena of direct investments in various Arab countries such as Sudan, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Jordan and GCC countries , Mr. Abou-Taleb has proven capabilities in achieving positive and tangible results. He has played instrumental role in converting companies facing management, technical and financial problems into successful and profitable companies with high financial returns to their shareholders.

Salah A. Al-Othman, Ph.D.

Board Member of AlShall Consulting Company
Assistant Dean of Students' Affairs, Paaet
Manager of the National Fund of Applied Education and Training
Chairman of National Insurance Services Group Company

Salah Al-Othman focuses on building strategies for corporations, banks, Islamic financial institutions on the micro level as well as on developing their business within emerging markets. Hence, he is quite active in building and implementing entry strategies for corporations to new markets.

Furthermore, he has expertise in financial regulations, gained from combining a strong academic background with hands-on finance experience. Dr. Salah adds depth to corporate finance and restructuring assignments.

Camille Raphael, MBA

Vice-President - AlShall Consulting Company
General Manager - AlShall Economic Services QSC

Camille Raphael holds the dual position of Vice-President, AlShall Consulting Company and General Manager, AlShall Economic Services, its Qatar subsidiary. As such, he leads various project teams in both countries in providing value-added financial services to AlShall's clients from both private and public sectors. He has 20+ years of cumulative experience in Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Information Technology spanning multiple countries and continents.
Mr. Raphael established AlShall Qatar operations in 2004, and built the first market capitalization index for the Doha Stock Market. He has a strong experience in the issuance of both equity and debt paper, and has over the years gained a wide experience in corporate finance and business advisory, where he led various cross-national project teams in valuations, M&As, private equity placements, financial and business restructurings, feasibilities, and strategic planning for businesses operating in different economic sectors.
Major sectors involvement includes financial services, real estate, hospitality, ICT and logistics.

Sameer I. Habayeb

Investment Department Manager of AlShall Investment Company

Sameer I. Habayeb joined AlShall in December 2003 as an investment manager in charge of developing and implementing investment policies. He is also responsible for supervising the implementation of merger and acquisition transactions and for supporting clients in arranging financing for their acquisitions or projects.
Prior to joining AlShall, Mr. Habayeb held a number of senior positions in Kuwait and in the United States which included experience in closing direct investment transactions in Kuwait and internationally, managing local Kuwaiti equity portfolios and concluding both conventional and Shari’ah-compliant financing transactions.
Mr. Habayeb also previously held the positions of Assistant Manager, Local Investments Department (1999-2003) and Manager, Credit Department (2003) with the Securities Group Company in Kuwait, and was a member in the executive committee of the Securities Group’s Second Fund in Kuwait (2000-2003) and Al-Anoud Investment Fund in Kuwait (2002-2003). In addition to managing the various portfolios of the company and its clients, he was responsible for implementing the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Stock Market rules and regulations pertaining to managing local portfolios and all related transactions.

Talal Marafie, MBA

Senior Manager

Talal Marafie is a Senior Manager at Alshall Consulting Company and is responsible for the conceptualization and execution of corporate finance mandates and transactions.

He has been dedicated and industrious in his approach to gain knowledge and relevant experience in the field of corporate finance. Talal Marafie has over 10 years of experience with some of Kuwait’s most reputable financial institutions such as KAMCO and Al-Tijaria. At KAMCO, he was responsible for structuring, equity offerings and debt offerings and also providing M&A advisory across industries.
At Al-Tijaria, Talal headed the international investment department, which was responsible for the analysis, monitoring and reporting of the performance of Al-Tijaria’s international portfolio. Talal was also part of a team that laid down the investment policies and parameters for the company and worked in close coordination with Booz and Co. to develop a comprehensive investment process which identified the strategies that the company needed to adopt.
Talal has an extensive proficiency in identifying and understanding the dynamics and key success factors of sectors such as real estate, financial services and hospitality.

George-Euclid Berberi, MBA

Manager – Financial Advisory Services

George Berberi is a manager of the financial advisory services at AlShall Consulting Company since January 2005. In his capacity, he supervises a team of analysts working on corporate finance and financial advisory assignments. His expertise gained at AlShall comprises conducting feasibility studies, business valuations, mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, financial restructuring, and private placements. Major sectors of involvement include real estate, investment, services, oil and gas services, tourism and travel, and contracting. Before joining AlShall, Mr. Berberi was a banker in Lebanon for over six years where his position of credit officer helped him gain a wide experience in credit analysis and monitoring of loan portfolios of large, medium and small enterprises as well as in retail loans.

Daryoush H. Rezaei, CVA

Research Manager

Daryoush Rezaei is a Research Manager at Alshall Consulting Company, responsible for directing the company's equity research activities which consist mainly of economic, industry, and market research.
He has been active in his chosen field of research for over 12 years with experience spanning in-depth analysis of different industries and markets, financial analysis of domestically listed companies, portfolio analysis and recommendations, private placements and initial public offerings, monitoring stock market indices, and monthly analysis of different sectors for internal uses.

Riva Kareh, MBA

Assistant Manager

Riva Kareh is an assistant manager at AlShall Consulting Company responsible for the execution of corporate finance mandate and transactions.
Riva has gained a wide experience in financial advisory services at AlShall, where he has performed feasibility and valuation tasks across multiple sectors and for various purposes, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic and private placements and IPOs. He has working knowledge in all major industrial sectors such as real estate, financial services, oil and gas, etc.

Ajayakumar Vasudevan

Finance Manager for Alshall Consulting Company

Mr. Ajay Kumar Vasudevan has been in AlShall Investment Company since 2001. He has over 25 years of experience in Financial Service industry in various fields of Accounting, Equity Portfolio Management, Fund Management, Merchant Banking, and Equity Research Analysis. Prior to joining AlShall, he has held various managerial positions in Kuwait and India related to financial accounting and portfolio management.